The Benefits of Doing a Show

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Together We Rise

I have to say I am still absolutely buzzing from the weekend. Mandy and I, are so proud of all of our students and the way they performed on Saturday.

The Benefits of Doing a Show

The Benefits of Performing

Being part of a show like that teaches our students so many things. They learn to work as a team, they gain the confidence to get up and dance, sing or act in front of a huge audience, and they learn to conquer those nerves and put that adrenaline to good use! On top of this, attending their weekly classes they learn about commitment, realising it’s very difficult to plan show routines when people are missing. They learn spacial awareness in the patterns of the routines. Their posture and poise improves as they think about being up there on stage for all to see. The improvements we see in their technique during show term are huge! Everyone wants to do and be their best.

It’s been a while since we have done a show like that. In fact our last one was in 2018. We were due to perform in 2020, but we all know what happened there! So last year we did our performance as a film project with no live audience. It was amazing fun and definitely a very different experience, but you just can’t beat the buzz of a live audience.

Saturday really proved to me just how much our students needed this. Never have I seen such happy, smiling faces up on a stage. They all looked so comfortable, and were beaming from ear to ear! You can usually hear us teachers screaming ‘SMILE’ from the wings, but this year it wasn’t needed at all. They were living their best lives up on that stage and it was an absolute joy to see!

The Benefits of Performing

Taking Care of Each other

What I loved most about the whole day, was the care and consideration they showed to each other at the side of the stage. We pride ourselves on making everyone feel welcome and included at Rise and on Saturday I witnessed so many acts of kindness from our students that it actually brought a tear to my eye. We have an autistic child that was performing with us, and seeing the care from his classmates, checking in to make sure he was ok (Sensory issues can make a show like that very difficult for a person with autism) was delightful and really shows the camaraderie and nurture that goes on at Rise. I was so proud of how our older students were taking care of the little ones, encouraging them and holding their hands if they were nervous. It was just such a wonderful atmosphere backstage.

So much work goes into a show like that. My biggest worry is that someone doesn’t have a costume or doesn’t get on stage at the correct time, but on Saturday everything ran so smoothly. The chaperones were amazing at getting everyone in the right place at the right time and with everything they needed, it just made the whole day feel very calm and organised.

Summer Show 3

My Childhood Shows

It takes me right back to my childhood. When I was little we only ever did 2 shows in the whole time I was at my dance school, but I can remember them vividly.

I had two outfits- a pink polka dot puffy sleeved leotard with a skirt for our tap dance, and a white puffy sleeved leotard with an orange checked skirt for our ballet. I remember I had been partnered with a boy (at 6 years old I was pretty devastated about it!) and we had to do polka turns around the stage! I also remember I was right at the front of the stage and I did 5 shuffle hop steps instead of 4! Mortified doesn’t even cut it. BUT what I remember even more, was seeing the older girls dance on stage and wanting to be like them. I hope that our senior students have inspired our little ones to keep on dancing for a very long time.

Thank-you for being part of our amazing culture at Rise and I really do feel that on Saturday we definitely did Rise Together! 

Claire x