Does my Hair need to be in a Bun for Ballet?

Claire MundayDance Class Etiquette

Musical Theatre Junior

Ballet Buns

Have you ever wondered WHY you have to wear your hair in a bun for ballet? Is it just because your teacher wants you to? Or is there more to it than that? This is what we think, and why we like all our ballerinas to wear their hair in a bun for our ballet classes…..

#1 – Muscle Memory.

Does your child have a fringe or hair that naturally falls in front of her face? How about little strands of hair brushing their shoulders? In the middle of an exercise or a rehearsal, they may reach up and brush their hair out of the way, or fiddle with it. When a dancer does this all the time, after a specific step, or in a rehearsal, it actually becomes muscle memory, and they will continue to “brush their hair away” onstage, even if it is finally slicked back into that bun!

Dancer with hair in a Bun

Ballet Bun

#2 – It’s a problem for turns.

You cannot turn without spotting your head and if your hair is in a ponytail, or worse still NOT tied up, it’s going to get in the way and you won’t be able to spot! If you are being whipped in the face by a ponytail it makes you close your eyes, and you definitely can’t turn with your eyes closed.

#3 – Balance.

The ballet bun helps center your balance. It is that extra orientation you need for pirouettes, pas de deux (Partner work), pose turns and more. This is why it’s important for your bun to be centered, rather than off to one side.

Ballet Bun with Plait

An example of a bun

#4- Because if you LOOK the part, you FEEL the part!

You have heard of actors who train using method acting. They live and breathe the character they are playing. Well there is definitely something in that! If you LOOK the part you will FEEL the part. If you come into your ballet class looking scruffy with hair all over the place, you will likely feel messy and it will show in your technique. When you come to class with beautiful hair and in the correct uniform, you will feel like a ballerina, I guarantee your posture and performance will be better!

#5 Because the teacher said so.

Even if there was no other good reason, if your teacher has a rule at her studio, you need to follow it. If you respect your child’s teacher, your child will see that respect, and it will transfer to them. The overall atmosphere in the dance studio will be professional and respectful, and the children will learn more.

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Thanks for reading, see you in class.