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Guidance for Parents and Students Regarding Covid

What Happens When We Return?

This document has been created to ensure that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them when attending a class at Rise Studios. We have four different venues, so systems may vary slightly depending upon the venue you are attending, but the basics are the same. Please read this carefully as the safe running of all our classes will be dependent on our dance families’ cooperation.

Will Dance Still Be Fun?

Our primary concern in restarting our classes is the safety of you and your children. However, the mental well-being of each and every one of our students is a very close second, and we want to reassure you that even though we have had to make some changes to the way we do things, our classes will still hold our core values of nurturing, inspiring and helping your child to achieve through dance and drama. We have thought very carefully about how we can deliver our lessons safely, with no contact between students and teachers and no sharing of props or equipment, while maintaining the fun and creative elements of all Rise classes.

How Do I Drop My Child Off At Rise?

The most important thing when dropping off or collecting your child is punctuality. In order to ensure no cross over of students we need everyone to arrive and leave on time. If you are late for your class you may not be allowed to participate. Teachers will already be teaching the class and will not be able to collect your child. If you are late to collect your child, this will affect the next class starting on time as the teacher will need to wait with your child, so please be mindful of this.

Where possible we ask that students are dropped off at the main door of the venue where their teacher will be waiting. Please do not come to the door until your allocated class time, as your teacher will be seeing the previous class out. We ask that if you have come by car you wait in your car until your class time. If you are on foot, please try to time your journey so that you arrive promptly, but if you do have to wait, please ensure a 2-metre distance between yourselves and anyone else who is waiting.

Teachers will be there to greet the children at the main entrance and take them to the studio. Parents will not be allowed to enter the building or wait once the student has been collected by their teacher. You are of course welcome to wait in your cars in the carpark.

There will be a clear one-way system in each of our venues. Students will be asked to sanitise their hands upon arrival.

What Can I Bring?

Your child will need to come dressed ready for dance. Bags/ coats etc will not be allowed into the dance studios and there will be no changing area available. Ensure your child has been to the toilet before attending class. Named water bottles are permitted for our higher grade students who will need water during their classes, otherwise please drink before and after your class. If you have to bring a bag into the studio with you (Eg. for a change of shoes) your teacher will show you where to put it. Teachers will NOT be able to help with laces, so if your child cannot tie their own laces, we recommend putting elastic in place of them, so they can slip shoes on and off. Friday’s Musical Theatre class will NOT be able to bring snacks, so please eat before you come, and only bring water into the studios.

Once in the dance studio there will be spot markers on the floor- over 2 metres apart. Your child will be allocated a spot to stand on. We will do everything we can to avoid students coming into contact with each other, but we understand that for some of our youngest members this will be more difficult, and we don’t want classes to become military and un-enjoyable for our students, so we cannot guarantee to keep them 2 metres apart at all times.

Adult Classes

All adults must wear a face covering when entering and leaving the building. Face coverings may be removed for the class.

What If My Child Has Symptoms Of Covid?

We ask that you remain vigilant and look out for any Covid symptoms. Any student displaying ANY symptoms of coronavirus MUST NOT attend classes. We would advise you to get tested asap, and quarantine as per the Government Guidelines. If any student tests positive for Covid 19 we ask that you notify us immediately so that we can ensure anyone that may have come into contact with the student is contacted via track and trace. We will never disclose names of students who test positive when contacting others. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund for missed classes due to quarantining.

What If a Teacher Has Covid Symptoms?

If any of the Rise faculty display Covid symptoms they will not attend Rise Studios. In this instance you will be notified as soon as possible. If the teacher is still able to teach, their classes will take place via Zoom. If they are unable to teach, classes will be cancelled and make-up classes will be scheduled when possible. Where a make-up session is unable to take place, you will receive a credit for cancelled classes on your account for use against future invoices, but will not be entitled to a refund.

What If My Child Hurts Themselves in Class?

All of our venues have a first aid kit and PPE equipment. If your child falls or injures themselves in a class, our teachers will wear a facemasks and gloves to attend to your child. If a student shows any symptoms of Covid while attending a class we will contact you immediately to come and collect them. Students will be isolated from the rest of the class until they are collected.

Can We Dance in Bare Feet?

We have been advised that students should not dance in bare feet. If your child usually dances in bare feet or foot thongs – for example for Grade 3 modern and above, or contemporary, you will need to purchase jazz shoes, OR wear your ballet shoes for these classes.

What About Barre Work?

You will need to bring your own hand towel/flannel to place over the barre for ballet classes, so as not to touch the barre. Anyone who does not bring a hand towel with them will have to do the barre work in the centre- which is not ideal, so please don’t forget!

Cleaning Between Classes

 It is not going to be possible to clean the floor between classes as it will not dry, so teachers will not be doing floor work during classes. Barres and high touch surfaces like door handles will be wiped down after each class with an antiseptic spray. Any chairs used in drama, will also be sprayed and wiped down after each use.

Venue Drop off and Collection Points

Rickmansworth School Dance Studio and Classrooms

Enter– Main entrance next to the gym. Do not enter the building until advised to do so by Rise faculty

Exit– Along the corridor by the dance studio and down the stairs at the far end. Do not collect your child from the main entrance, please go to the fire exit. If you are facing the Sports Hall building, walk around to the left-hand side of the building.

Rickmansworth School- Canteen Extension

Enter- Follow the direction signage to the Sports Facilities and then carry on towards the School’s Exit. Just before you get to the exit the building on your right is the School Canteen. If you walk between that and the green building the canteen extension will be in front of you. You can park anywhere around there.

 Exit- We are waiting for confirmation on where to exit and will send an email once confirmed.

St Peters Church Hall

Enter– Main entrance at the back of the church

Exit– Fire Exit door by the carpark

West Herts Squash and Fitness Centre

Enter– Main entrance by the gym reception. Please que 2 metres apart go around to the left as you look at the main door.

Exit– Same as entrance, but we have a 10-minute window between classes to avoid crossover, please que 2 metres apart, to the right as you look at the door.

Mill End Community Centre

Enter– Set of double doors to the right of the main bar entrance, which lead straight into the hall.

Exit– Fire door at the side of the building.


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