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Why Musical Theatre?

Are you looking for a healthy hobby for your child? Something to keep your little one entertained? Or maybe something to keep your teenager OFF THEIR PHONE!? Then I urge you to consider Musical Theatre.

There are so many benefits to taking a Musical Theatre class. In fact, I’m not even sure I can list them all, as there’s bound to be some I miss!

musical theatre

The Benefits

The main benefit, I see, from children taking a weekly Musical Theatre class, is the increase in their confidence. It’s incredible to see the transformation from shy little Wallflower, to a fully bloomed Sunflower. We see it week on week in our classes. The child who was too self-conscious and embarrassed to speak out in front of the class suddenly finds their voice… and this is one of the many things that makes our job worthwhile.

Mental Health

There is a lot of talk about Mental Health at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. Life has been turned on its head and no one knows whether they are coming or going… Are we allowed to see friends? Yes… No… Outside… Inside? At home… In public??? I mean, who actually knows anymore! If, like me, you live right on the border, half of you is in a local lockdown and the other half isn’t… It’s very hard to keep track. So, if that’s how we’re feeling as adults, how do you think our children are feeling?

musical theatre minis

One thing’s for sure, I can promise you that joining us on a Friday afternoon for a couple of hours of Musical Theatre classes, can transport your child to another world. They will lose themselves in the creative drama games and improvisations. They can become someone else and forget about all their worries for those few precious minutes.

Performing Arts

We cover three aspects of the Performing Arts. After immersing themselves in the world of drama, they will then move on to some physical activity- DANCE. I know, I know, I’ve harped on about the benefits of dance many times. I’ve talked about the endorphins it releases that make you feel good. But it’s true! And it’s worth mentioning again. We do a cardio based warm up in our dance classes, which gets the heart rate up and those happy chemicals in the brain firing. It’s difficult not to smile and enjoy yourself when you’re dancing… try it! Put some music on, turn it up, and wiggle to the beat… See you feel better already right? Not to mention the physical benefits of dancing. The calories burned, cardio vascular health improves, muscle tone and strength increases. The benefits are countless!

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Finally there’s the singing. Who doesn’t want their child to be confident enough to project their voices? Have clear diction? Great posture? Yes, singing as well as dance, can improve your child’s posture. Who knew?

Book a Trial

Well, if I have convinced you to at least think about it, why not book a trial session with us? We’d love your child to join us and we’ll make sure you see all the benefits we’ve mentioned. Our classes are broken into different age groups, but start from 4 years up to 15 years.