Ready to get back to Dancing?

Claire MundayDance

Ready to get back to Dancing?

Are YOU ready to get back to dancing? I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. My two were definitely on the Nice List and woke up to full stockings from the Big Man!

I don’t know about you, but I certainly ate and drank too much this Christmas! New Year always feels like a good time to be a little bit more healthy and get fit! I can’t wait for dance classes at Rise to restart to help me on that journey.

Back to dancing

I honestly do have the best job in the world. Passing on my knowledge of dance to my lovely students, many of whom I have taught since they were 2 years old, and keeping active in the process. Starting dance again after a three week break is always fun, but you do have to make sure you warm up properly, especially if you haven’t done anything over the festive period! Otherwise you’ll find muscles that you didn’t know you had, aching and stiff the next day, and the day after that!

So my advice to you all, before you come back to dance next week, have a little stretch at home. Get those therabands out and work those legs and feet in preparation for your first dance class of the New Year. Just 10 minutes a day will help get your body ready to work up a good old sweat next week, and you won’t ache so much after.

Perhaps the New Year is a good time to try something new? If you’ve always done street dance, why not try a ballet or contemporary dance class? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn tap dancing? We have a beginners course, why not give it a try? Or maybe your child has been doing ballet, modern and tap, and fancies trying our Musical Theatre course? Whatever subject you’re into, you can book any trial class for just £5 this January!! So why not treat yourself, and book online now by clicking this link to our home page?

We can’t wait to see you all back at dancing.

Happy New Year everyone!