Why Choose Rise Studios?

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Modern Dancer

Why Choose Dance? What makes us the right school for you? 

We love passing on our knowledge of dance and the performing arts to our students, and we thrive to make Rise the best school in the UK. We have already won awards from; Netmums for our Adult street dance classes (Best Class for You) and our Toddler/ PreSchool dance classes, Tappy Toes (tappytoes.com), but why should you bring your little one to us?

I’d like to share some of the reasons why I believe that Rise is more than just a dance school…

Dance incentive stickers


Firstly, we are constantly working to incentivise our students. We want our students to LOVE dance and performing arts, and be desperate to come back week after week. For our younger students we give them a sticker chart when they join us, and each week that they come they receive a sticker for the chart. Once they have filled up their chart they can hand it in to their teacher to win a dance related prize.

For our older students we like to surprise them with a little something in the post now and then. Keep an eye out for one of our praise postcards.


WOW Cards

Dance Praise Cards

We also have our fabulous WOW cards. These are given out each week to any student who does something ‘Wow’. This could simply be achieving something they couldn’t do the previous week, working extra hard all lesson, perfecting a correction that was given to them or anything we feel is ‘Wow’ that lesson. There are 4 designs to collect, and our students LOVE receiving these in class. We encourage the other students to applaud this achievement and have a real sense of camaraderie within our classes.







Interested in a Career in the Arts?

Dance Wow Cards

If your child is more serious about dance and wishes to progress up through the grades, we offer exams twice per year in ballet, modern, tap and drama. Once you reach a certain level, these exams count towards UCAS points. We also have our Hip Hop crews- ELEV8 for the more serious dancer who would like to compete, and our Drama Performance Company for those wishing to take part in drama festivals. We audition for spaces in these companies annually.

If you or your child is considering dance or performing arts purely as a hobby that’s fine too. We do not pressure our students to do exams or performances if they do not wish to do so, and they are of course given the same level of attention and teaching as our competitive students.



Lastly, Rise Studios prides itself on mentoring and nurturing it’s students. We want to bring out the best in each and every child, whether that’s the child who wants to go on to a vocational college and ultimately become a performer, or the shy, quiet child that needs to build their self esteem and confidence. Many of our teachers have completed a Level 2 Certificate in Children and Young Peoples Mental Health, giving them the skills to spot a child who may be struggling, especially during their teenage years, and be able to support them on their journey.

Life Skills

Dance and Performing arts classes are so much more than that, we teach vital life skills to set your child up for success in their adult life. Try a class today and you will see what we mean….

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